Noble Corporation Supports Design For Hope Foundation

Noble Corporation has generously agreed to donate the plumbing projects required for a Design for Hope renovation project that will help a very deserving GTA family in need.

Design for Hope was built on a mission to give back with the goal to help and support a family in need by renovating their home and providing a calm, safe, and functional environment. Led by Stacey Cohen Design and with the help of over 75 trades, vendors, and volunteers, the team will provide a fully redesigned home for a family in need within the local community. Noble is proud to be involved and will be donating plumbing products to help with the renovation.

The project focuses on a family that has experienced hardships and daily challenges and are in need of new hope and a fresh start. The Nikolic family lives in a 1,500 square foot brick bungalow with three bedrooms and one bathroom. Hilary and Mark Nikolic have three boys; the oldest Alex who attends University and their twin boys James and Eric who are 22 and were born autistic and developmentally delayed.

The twins are both non-verbal and the severity of their symptoms have resulted in many damages to their home. Hilary and Mark have spent all their savings and time to ensure that the boys get the care that they need. They’ve had to refinance their home a number of times over the years to pay for services and repairs to keep their home somewhat inhabitable. Both parents had to give up some of their goals to manage the boys and they are only able to spend little time together as a couple. Stacey Cohen Design has started a GoFundMe page (here) with the intention to cover the expenses related to this renovation and to help the Nikolic family pay off their mortgage. The goal is to provide the Nikolic family with a calm, livable and functional home to help instill hope for their future.

Introducing the Nikolic family:

Project Reveal:

The Completed Project:

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