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Noble Viega Promotion Official Contest Terms & Conditions
The Noble Viega® ProPress Promotion will take place from April 1st, 2024 at 12:01 am to June 29th, 2024 at 11:59 pm.  This contest is held by Noble, a Talisker Plumbing Corporation company.
This contest is open to Trades Professionals in the province of Ontario who have reached the age of majority in the province in which they are domiciled as of April 1st, 2024 (hereinafter “eligible entrants”), except to employees, agents and representatives of NOBLE, Talisker Plumbing Corporation, EMCO Corporation, of the Contest Organizers, their respective affiliated companies, as well as of all other companies, corporations, trusts or other corporate entities controlled or related to the above, their sponsors, their advertising, promotional, media placement and Web development agencies, and material, prize and service suppliers related to this contest, along with the members of their immediate family (brothers, sisters, children, mother, father), their legal or common-law spouse, and all other persons with whom these employees, representatives and agents are domiciled (regardless of kinship).
Eligible participants will automatically be entered into the contest by: 
a)         Purchasing $300 (before tax) or more of Viega ProPress fittings at any Noble branch between April 1st and June 29th, 2024.  A ballot will be earned for every $300 spent before taxes. Total sales volume is cumulative over the promotion period.  Special projects are excluded.  This promotion is limited to trades professionals only. Odds of winning depend on the number of qualifying purchases received during the contest period.

There will be three (3) prize draws for Ridgid® Press Tools.

Draw #1:  One (1) RP350 Press Tools with ProPress Jaws plus Standard Jaws and Rings for ½” – 2” MegaPress®

Draw #2:  One (1) RP350 Press Tools with ProPress Jaws plus Standard Jaws and Rings for ½” – 2” MegaPress®

Draw #3:  One (1) RP350 Press Tools with ProPress Jaws plus Standard Jaws and Rings for ½” – 2” MegaPress®


The prize draw will be held at the end of business on July 19th, 2024 in Concord, Ontario. The odds of winning depend on the number of qualifying purchases received during the contest period. 

To be declared a winner, the selected entrant shall:
Be reached by telephone or e-mail by the Contest Organizers within five (5) days of the prize draw;
The Contest Organizers will contact the winners to inform them of the manner in which they may claim their prize. Should a winner refuse to claim the prize, the Contest Organizers shall be released from any liability regarding the awarding of said prize and may, at their sole discretion, hold another draw in accordance with the procedure described above.
5.1       The prize must be accepted as awarded, and cannot be exchanged, substituted or transferred to another person. The Contest Organizers’ decision is final and binding.
5.2       Contest entries may be subjected to verification by the Contest Organizers. Any entry deemed, as applicable, illegible, incomplete, mutilated, fraudulent, mechanically reproduced, or as having been delayed or not sent within the contest period may be rejected and disqualified. All of the Contest Organizers’ decisions are final and binding.
5.3       In the event that the prize could not be awarded for any reason beyond the Contest Organizers’ control and unrelated to the winner, the latter will award a prize of equivalent value.
5.4       The winner releases the Contest Organizers from any liability with respect to any damage that could arise from their entering the contest, or accepting and/or using the prize, and acknowledges that, as of the receipt of the prize confirmation letter, the fulfillment of the obligations related to the prize become the sole responsibility of the suppliers of products and services. The winner agrees to sign a Declaration and Liability Waiver Form to this effect prior to claiming their prize.
5.5       NOBLE reserves the right to terminate this contest at its sole discretion should any event beyond its control affect the latter’s due course. In such an event, NOBLE, or its parent company Talisker Plumbing Corporation, shall not be held liable in any way.
5.6       In the event that the contest would be terminated, as a whole or in part, before the end date specified in these rules, for any reason whatsoever, the draw may be held, at the Contest Organizers’ discretion, from among all entries duly registered from the beginning of the contest until the effective contest termination date.
5.7       In any event, the Contest Organizers, their subsidiaries, advertising and promotional agencies, providers of prizes, materials or services related to the contest, as well as their employees, officers and representatives shall not be liable for awarding more than the number of prizes specified in these rules and regulations, or for awarding the prize in a manner that does not comply therewith.
5.8       NOBLE or its parent company Talisker Plumbing Corporation and the persons on behalf of whom the contest is held shall not be held liable in any way whatsoever in the event that their inability to act would result from a fact or a situation beyond their control, a strike, a lockout or any other labour dispute within their facilities or at organizations or companies whose services are required to hold this contest.

5.9       By entering or attempting to enter this contest, all participants agree to release the Contest Organizers, their subsidiaries, their advertising and promotional agencies, as well as the suppliers of prizes, materials or services related to the contest from all liability for any damages they may incur from entering or attempting to enter this contest.
5.10      Liability limitations: contest due process. The Releasees shall not be held liable in any way for any faulty operation of any computer component, software or communications line, or relatively to the loss or absence of network communications, or any failed, incomplete, incomprehensible or erased transmissions from any computer or network which could limit or prevent any participant from entering the contest. The Releasees shall not be held liable either for any damage or loss that could arise, directly or indirectly, in part or as a whole, from downloading any Web page, software or other content, and/or by the transmission of any information related to entering the contest.
5.11      By accepting the prize, the winner authorizes the Contest Organizers and their representatives to use their name, photograph, likeness and any statement regarding the prize, as applicable, for advertising purposes, without any form of compensation.
5.12      Should any paragraph of these rules be deemed or declared illegal, unenforceable or null and void by a competent court of law, such paragraph(s) shall be considered null and void, but all other paragraphs not affected by such a determination shall be applied within the limits of the law.
5.13      All of the Contest Organizer’s decisions regarding any aspect of this contest—including, but not limited to, entry eligibility and/or disqualification—are final and binding. By entering this contest, the entrants agree to abide by these rules and regulations.
5.14      No advertising or other communications not related to this contest will be sent to the entrants.
5.15      Copy of Official Rules: A copy of the Official Rules will be available during the Promotional Period, or by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: “NOBLE VIEGA PROMOTION”, Attn: Marketing. 7171 Jane Street, Concord, Ontario L4K 1A7.

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